Today is the day…….

Today is the day…

How today feels to me…




Yup, that was me, 2 years ago, when my daughter asked me to take a trip of a lifetime with her to Moab, Utah.

I was scared to do it, but I did it!

Are you scared to try something new?

Do you have plans/projects/big ideas that are just waiting to be started?

Why not start them today? What’s holding you back? Do you have one excuse after the other? Me too! But let’s begin anyway!   Today. Today is the day.

The start of my blog and my new facebook business page, found here It’s a new beginning! Yes, I’m as scared as I was that day but I’m also just as excited!

Excited for change, for new experiences, for new friendships.

Let’s make this new beginning fun, challenging, exciting, educational, adventurous and rewarding!

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